Cosmetic Procedures of Telangiectasias- Spider Veins - ALANYA VARİS KLİNİĞİ

We call the blood vessels that appear in the skin in thin lines “telangiectasias”. Although the underlying cause can be tied to some diseases, they generally do not cause bleeding or bruising.  They create more cosmetic problems.
These blood vessels can be swollen from the skin, branching out like a spider web, or punctuated like a mole. Although more visible on the face around the nose and under the eyes, they can spread to the neck. They can even be seen in the shoulders and back and chest region. We frequently encounter telangiectasias in the legs.
We apply radiofrequency, an effective and reliable method, in the treatment of telangiectasias at our clinic. We generally remove telangiectasias at a high right in a few sessions according to the frequency of the telangiectasias.
You must use the care cream we will prescribe after the procedure. And the region of the procedure must not be exposed to sunlight, and, if it is, high-factor protective sunscreen must be used. A light rash and discomfort that may form heals within a few days. The decision for the necessity of further sessions is made at the checkup examination to be conducted 3-4 weeks after the procedure. And lasers are applied to the capillary blood vessels again if necessary. These additional sessions are generally sufficient.

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