Foam/Needle Sclerotherapy Treatment in Reticular Varicosis - ALANYA VARİS KLİNİĞİ

It is a form of treatment that we use for varicosis in patients in whom advanced varicosis is not detected and which does not require surgery. A liquid or foam material is placed within the varicose vein by inserting a very fine needle, causing a reaction within the walls of the blood vessel. A large portion of varicosis are lost in the first instance, and the others are lost in a few weeks or months.
If there are problems in the blood vessels that lead to the greatest incidence of varicosis, the formation of new varicosis, just as foam therapy will not provide adequate efficiency, is unavoidable. For this reason, saphena must be treated first, and foam treatment should be done afterward.
We do not administer anesthesia in foam treatments at our clinic. In situations that only require foam treatment, the procedure lass 10-30 minutes. The patient is immediately walked and discharged. Local anesthesia is not administered because the procedure is generally painless.
The number of sessions is determined based on the severity of the varicosis. The durations of varicosis loss from patient to patient vary (2 weeks-6 months). Most important is that the patients remain patient. Seeing the wonderful effects of the treatment can sometimes take a few months. This length of time generally relates to the person and varies from person to person.


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    What is the cost for Sclerotherapy Treatment? I have one leg that is affected.

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      Hello. One session is 1500 TL. But you need before examination and colour doppler ultrasound. Please write or call on whatsapp. +90 546 530 4050

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