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Lymphedema forms with the settling of body liquids right in protein beneath the skin for various reasons and significantly decreases the patient’s life comfort.
It can be prevented from progressing when diagnosed early, and can be made from becoming irreversible.
When a patient is referred with a partial blockage, the formation of a full embolism can be prevented at high rates and is the biggest step in the prevention of this disease.
Patients go from doctor to doctor and seek solutions for this disease, which is difficult to detect and diagnose. The patient may form full embolism as he or she loses time, and patients can partially benefit from the treatment we provide when they reach us.
How does lymphedema begin to be noticed?
When you struggle to put one of your shoes on, struggling to walk due to a feeling of weight in the leg, sores forming on the feet, layers of residue forming on the feet, one foot being thicker than the other (but remember that this disease can also form in both legs or in one arm). If it forms in the arms, it can be noticed in situations like when jewelry starts to feel tight, you struggle to wear clothes, or feelings of weight in the arm.
What are we going to do?
In cases of all sorts of lymphedema, especially effective in partial embolism:
*Walking is very important
*The medications we provide are important in the dissolution of the edema and in the reduction of the advancement speed or in destruction of the disease
*Raising the leg or arm above the level of the heart
*The use of high-pressure socks for the arm or leg with lymphedema
*The reduction or destruction by guiding the edema with lymphedema compression devices

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