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The Raynaud symptom is blue-purple color changes that form on the fingers or toes when exposed to cold or together sometimes with stress. Raynaud emerges as a result of restriction in blood vessels. Blood vessels going into the skin normally constrict to reduce heat loss in cold weather, but Raynaud prolongs this process in patients. The level of oxygen drops in veins based on the deterioration of the bleeding after a while, and blue-purple color changes appear in the skin. An expansion occurs in the blood vessels that generally follow the blue-purple color changes, and the fingertips become pink and red again. 
It has an incidence of 3-5 percent in society. Raynaud is most frequently seen in young women. 
Gloves and wool socks should definitely be worn in cold weather. You should refrain from smoking. Nicotine and similar chemicals in cigarettes can worsen the situation, leading to the restriction of the blood vessels. Treatment options must be made based on this because of the negative effects of medications that lead to the restriction of blood vessels. For example, some flu-cold or migraine drugs and some drugs that psychiatrists use can lead to the restriction of blood vessels. Stress should be reduced. Stress effects that restrict blood vessels.
Real clogged blood vessels should be distinguished from the diseases during the examination, and drug treatment should be arranged in some patients.

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