Varicose in Pregnancy - ALANYA VARİS KLİNİĞİ - ilker Zan M.D. Vascular Surgeon



Clotting, rash, and pain are frequently seen in gradually growing varicosis, and swelling is seen in legs because of pooling blood in mothers. Because blood pools in the legs in considerable amounts in mothers with large varicosis, dizziness with standing up and even fainting may be seen.
After varicosis forms, cramps, burning, itching, and bruising in the legs can be seen. Varicosis progressing toward the vagina can be seen in those who frequently give birth and in the progressing months.
The picture we most fear in mother candidates is deep venous inadequacy as a result of deterioration in the deep main veins. This situation can lead to clotting, what we call deep vein thrombosis, and to maternal mortality as a result of blood clots in the lung during pregnancy or after birth.
If such a situation becomes relevant, the patient must absolutely be referred for vascular surgery by his or her physician, and a color Doppler ultrasound must be taken. As a result, treatment and preventive medicine must intervene to protect the pregnant woman.

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