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Varicosis sores, known among the public as venous ulcers, are frequent enough not to be underestimated in society. This disease is seen in varicosis patients who have not received treatment or have delayed treatment and in patients with late diagnoses. It entails sores that generally open around the ankle and on the leg due to inadequacy in the blood vessels in the legs. These sores are generally difficult to heal and can return.
How are the sores treated?
Treatment has two purposes: It first aims to improve the existing sores and prevent new sores from forming later.
Bandages or multilayered compression bandages or ulcer socks are essential to heal the sore. Bandages can be applied at regular intervals as the physician recommends. The compression bandage should be administered as frequently as the physician deems suitable by an educated and experienced healthcare professional.
The treatment of the underlying cause is possible with the elimination of the problem in veins in which it has occurred. Operations or foam treatment can be recommended for patients deemed suitable for this. Varicosis socks are recommended to many patients.
If patients with venous ulcers are not treated, what happens?
If venous ulcers are not treated, they become a progressing disease. If treatment is not performed, sores can expand and become infected. As a result, the sore can progress to deep tissue and even the bone.

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